Thursday, June 28, 2012

The MLB Moneyball Dashboard

The interactive dashboard above contains a plot of the ROI for Major League teams since the year 2000. Instead of focusing on wins per dollar, it measures the post-season success of each franchise by assigning 1 point for a playoff appearance, 2 for a division series win, 3 for a league championship and 4 for winning the World Series. The size of the team's circle is used to indicate the average wins for each million dollars of payroll. Winning percentages and post season results for each team are shown in the bar graphs.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals are clearly the biggest over-achievers, with 9 playoff appearances and 2 World Series championships all with a modest payroll half of that of the New York Yankees.
  • The three NL clubs with the largest payrolls, the Mets, Dodgers and Cubs are the biggest under-achievers.
  • Only 3 clubs--Pirates, Royals and Blue Jays--have not joined the post-season party, with the Jays having the highest payroll of the group.
  • The Florida(now Miami) Marlins have the highest number of wins per dollar along with the lowest average payroll of any club. They are somewhat of an anomaly in that they won a World Series in 2003 but had no other playoff appearances.

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