Saturday, March 30, 2013

Elite Eight: Louisville is Sole Surviving #1 Seed

Louisville is the sole #1 seed remaining in a tournament that has had its fair share of surprises. But it was only 2 years ago that Kansas was in a similar role and they were subsequently sent home by the Cinderella #11 seed VCU.

As the chart below shows, it is rare to have only one remaining #1 seed by the time we reach the Elite Eight and more common to have all 4 remaining, like we did from 2007-2009. A more interesting measure is to compare the sum of the seeds, which is a rough indicator of both the parity in the field and, possibly more telling, how well(or not) the Selection Committee did in their seeding.  Comparing the totals, the Committee came in slightly worse than average this year. Best year: 2007. Worst Year(s): 1990, 2000.

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